2015 NEW LOGOS 1The Autistic Paradigm from the Inside Out is a proven educational program over the course of 22 years at ANCA Consulting Inc. and prior, through decades of teaching experience by Leonora Gregory-Collura and Charlie Collura (they have nearly 70 combined years of experience).

Certification Training: date to be announced in the Fall of 2017 at the AWAF 8th annual event – introductory interactive workshop presentation during AWAF 2017

The organisation Naturally Autistic ANCA is pleased to announce a DIPLOMA program soon to be launched for those supporting and educating autistic children, teens and adults.

The program is an interface of two languages, the autistic language and the non-autistic language.

Prior to the program’s development, Leonora and Charlie had two questions: Why do some autistic children present as isolated, why do some present with so called autism behaviours and why are others developing along a typical autistic paradigm? And, why are autistic adults who appear to have developed strategies able to succeed in a society not built or designed for the autistic paradigm?

With years of self analysing and many years of writing and reflecting upon her personal history and journey, Leonora was asked by the then acting Executive Director and Program Coordinator, Leslie Jones of the Autistic Society of British Columbia to develop her knowledge into a teachable program for parents, professionals and volunteers (para professionals) in the field – this was in 1995. Since then for over two decades Leonora and Charlie and adult facilitators who happen to be autistic and who came through the ANCA System, started to be invited to teach this philosophy and work to educators across British Columbia. For many years, the Collura’s have been asked to teach the work across the globe.

More recently, they have been asked to transfer their knowledge and syllabus into a Diploma Program so this unique and much needed knowledge reach many more people in the world. In the weeks and months to follow for the remainder of 2017, we aim to bring this DIPLOMA program to you. Stay tuned to this page for more information to be announced.


“For the first time, we have the opportunity to get answers from the source. Those questions you’ve longed to ask. ANCA will teach you to find the answers.”
Virginia Renaud, parent facilitator – Autism Society of British Columbia

“Very inspiring! Reaffirms what I have always felt – that all people are equal.”
Teachers and support staff, Langley School District

“The perspective of autism from the autistic point of view. Only autistic people have lived their own experiences.”
Professional – NDTA – Pro-D

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