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 Spring Issue 2016 – Think Autistic™!

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James Paul Wagner 4Lead article contributed by James Paul Wagner (USA), THINK AUTISTIC – James, a seasoned writer, and publisher shares with the read what are the similarities and subtleties of being autistic vs non-autistic and examines once again as he so eloquently does through his writing, just what it is to be human to have wants, desires, needs and acceptance. A thought provoking read!

Visit James Paul Wagners online website http://www.localgemspoetrypress.com/

Old is Now – shares with the reader why it is OK to self discover and come to one’s ownsteven coventry 1 personal realm of acceptance based on a beautiful, albeit at times painful, experience. The experience built upon a childhood of love and shared opportunities observed and absorbed by the boy, the child, illustrates the impact early childhood has on ‘what it is to be human’ and how these intimate threads can effectively become interwoven into forming the very fabric of our own lives. This article, [a short story really] takes the reader on a journey, a journey that the reader is drawn into finding his/her own relationship as a reflection within his/her own life. Beautifully crafted, with the same finesse and quality of the artist Steven Coventry – a MUST read!

Author/Artist/Chef-cook; Steven Coventry Check out his art on his social media website page: Mandalaman and on his page on this website Australian Artist & Antique Collector

In the 'Lifestyles' section of Spring Issue 2016, we have a series of short stories/articles from Canada, the United States of America, and India:

untitled-269The BOY Who LOVED AIRPLANES by Charlie Collura, Canada – the second in a series of short story books written nearly two decades ago, never published for the public before. This story and the previous story The Grocery Store FIRE ENGINE published in the ‘Lifestyles’ section Spring Issue 2015, were written during the time Charlie was working in the school system and in the community with children who happen to be autistic as well as other such labeled individuals. These stories also worked in conjunction with the 22 years as a consultant at ANCA Consulting Inc. and provided opportunity for parents and professionals to learn the outreach by understanding the natural development of a child through play and exploration… how natural interests are a bridge to learning and or creating systems… and that contrasting experiences will expand the learning experience in all manner. This particular story exemplifies the journey shared by Steven Coventry Old is Now and the questions society needs to be asking in the article THINK AUTISTIC by James Paul Wagner

A MOTHER’S DREAM contributed by Nalini Srivastava opens her heart to the reader ofNalini and son 1 truths that many may feel [on this often, and at times frustrating journey] – what it is to be a professional, how we come to make choices and how destiny will change how one thinks one has ultimately been shaped to be, feel, produce and think in society. This mother’s story is deep and passionate, resonating and touching upon so much of the content with this Spring Issue of Naturally Autistic magazine. Many parents and particularly mothers and professional women – whether related to the autistic community or not – the same human traits author/publisher James paul Wagner shares in his article is exemplified in Nalini’s journey within her ‘shared story’.

As one of the publisher's I find every issue, every contribution compelling as I proof read the entire issue, I see how every contribution exemplifies and gives tribute, validation, resonating the voices of the autistic community worldwide. It is never until we get to this stage of producing a magazine issue, that one is able to witness the contributions making their internal connections and interactions within the context of the pages of the magazine. I find it a beautiful process and can parallel the experience and outcome to one of creating a musical score, a choreography, a painting or piece of sculpture - designing and planning a trip to a different land or culture...

front cover spring 2016More reviews of this upcoming magazine issue sharing the contributions within: Andrea Williams’ Story; The Art of Determination by kim McGill; letters to the editor from around the globe, and Naturally Autistic magazine interviews – an Australian Holistic Health Practitioner and a Canadian mother of two on the spectrum, entrepreneur, public speaker and make-up artistry designer….

If YOU would like to be a contributing writer for the Spring 2017 Issue of Naturally Autistic magazine – just email us via the contact page and put ‘CALL for Submissions Spring 2016’ on the subject line

To qualify: Email us your CV, writing history and three samples of recent published articles and contact information

Theme: The theme for the Spring Issue contributors, will be ‘Lifestyles’, looking at ‘Think Autistic’ product lines, education, employment utilising Autistic talent that employees contribute, or how employers can support this and general related topics to the Autistic style of life. Please provide 150 words sample with a focus on an aspect of the theme.

Deadline: February 15, 2017

Review: Your submission will be reviewed by our magazine team.

We will notify you by email if you have been accepted – contact Kim.anca@naturallyautistic.com 

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  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity of once again contributing to this leading International Autistic magazine..words cannot easily express the honour & validation that comes with these sorts of opportunities so often lacking for Autistic adults like myself so again i simly Thank You

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