ANCA World Tour Launch, Bled, Slovenia March 2018

This event presents a unique opportunity to GET CONNECTED, be an interactive contributing participant discovering the autistic experience!
“Join Us” and tap into a culture of diverse individuals whilst enjoying the process of discovery, exploration and shared experiences.
Three days of innovation, education, engagement with the global autistic community through film screenings, theatrical concert performances in collaboration with cross cultural artists & program, educational and vocational initiatives.

ANCA Celebrates Local Talent

This year the internationally recognised & acclaimed festival introduces the first World Autism Trade Show, never before seen or experienced. This is an opportunity for local businesses & entrepreneurs from every cultural organisation to participate and showcase their brand, their local talent, initiatives and innovations. An opportunity for business development and growth – an opportunity to partner in economic development with delegates representing their countries at this 7th annual event. An opportunity for autistic people to be seen & experienced for who they are, naturally, and for what they can do. An opportunity for the autistic community to break through the barriers creating achievement in partnerships and economic growth for the community at large, creating a ‘Hand Up’ rather than a hand out.

The Mom from South Africa…

The seed of lives…

xfs_500x400_s80_D6H_3795xfs_500x400_s80_D6H_3586Through one physical departure, and one simply conveyed message, the planting of a seed sprouted the lives of an entire world!

In the late 1990’s ANCA was approached by a parent with a three year old child, Continue reading “The Mom from South Africa…”

Celebrating Australian Culture

JL & father 1Celebrating the Australian Culture – A Tribute to Jean Louis Hetu as ANCA World Ambassador, his family Jean  Marie Hetu and mother Ann Betros and their outstanding networking team. (Father and son seen here, proud to be Australians representing their country on the Continue reading “Celebrating Australian Culture”