Child with a future – Inna Sergiyenko

Amazing updates coming soon for Inna’s blog post page: she has been traveling and sharing her knowledge about autism and the autistic community in Poland, Moscow and most recently her travels have taken her to Israel…

What is an NPI?

Our kids may not be able to tell us verbally what is bothering them but their body language or behaviour can speak volumes if we listen to them. ~ Lori Stoughton, ANCA parent

Think Autistic™! #2

it will only be 5 to 10 years when the world will see fifty percent of the world population as… yes, you guessed it ‘Autistic!’ So, start the ‘Think Autistic™!’ because it is only a matter of time before you will need to learn our language.

Think Autistic™!

The beauty about Think Autistic™! is the natural, inherent abilities made up of our heightened sensory systems, our conscious associations, our internal filing systems and how we naturally weave and bridge each experience from one to the next exponentially …….. (Click link to read full post)


Whilst many look to the famous few – there is an underground movement of quiet, successful people on the autistic spectrum and their networks of non-autistic friends and business associates contributing to society, creating a better future for an integrated whole, for the long term.


… defining autism from the human angle rather than a bunch of labels and categories, which herd human beings, rather than individualize us toward an internal acceptance.

Autistic Leadership

Exposure, experience and documentation with ‘direct interactive communications’ is key. This is what both Inna Sergiyenko and Erdal Ates exemplify. They regard the autistic community through the experiences of ‘what autistic people CAN do.

Autistic Voices

So, let’s start embracing the VOICES to be heard! Let’s create the PLATFORM for non-oral communications. Let us embrace all that nature has provided each and every human being! Let’s Do IT!