Building an international autistic community showcase – no small feat!

…. – it has been built upon the foundation of philanthropy, vision, unification and understanding of the attributes autistic people and those who support this growing community have to offer and to contribute to society. Events like this help build the fabric of societies; events like this ‘enable’ the community to come together and to support one another through innovative partnerships and sponsorships (not unlike those seen in the dramatic and performing arts, international sporting events and industry innovations).
Cross cultural partnerships are key to the success of emerging groups in society as well as marginalised groups. This annual event has demonstrated cross-cultural partnerships as a…..


WE ARE A COMMUNITY, an AUTISTIC COMMUNITY and we live in society, we are your neighbor, your business associate, your relative, your banker, your shop-keeper, your professor, your school teacher, your doctor, your social worker, your garbage collector, your realtor, your construction worker, your postie and much more… we hold all kinds of position in society and we we NOT alone, helpless or deficient!
Please post your photo of your face and another of your whole body in action: Whether in an activity you LOVE, a PASSION you are involved in , a career, a job, a TALENT you have, or simply YOU in your body actively participating in LIFE, a FAMILY photo

Autism is a word no one really knows about

Let’s start by discussing ‘What is autism and what is Autistic People… difference please?
Yes, there is a difference: autism is ‘as if’ the autistic individual carries it, has it, like it may even be catching it…. etc….

Orko Roy – artist and speaker

Orko Roy 2014 International AWARD recipient for Visual Arts, representing India. [easyrotator]erc_37_1431181178[/easyrotator] Orko sketched his favourite Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan. He recently had the opportunity of gifting it to him during one of his shoots (as seen in slide show above). In his

What is an NPI?

Our kids may not be able to tell us verbally what is bothering them but their body language or behaviour can speak volumes if we listen to them. ~ Lori Stoughton, ANCA parent

Think Autistic™! #2

it will only be 5 to 10 years when the world will see fifty percent of the world population as… yes, you guessed it ‘Autistic!’ So, start the ‘Think Autistic™!’ because it is only a matter of time before you will need to learn our language.

Anthony’s Story

Surmounting obstacles that would defeat the lesser among us, Leonora has striven to understand and support knowledge shared by others, especially and uniquely within the autistic spectrum, and her drive toward the betterment of understanding and the attainment and provision of resources for the autistic community at large is unmatched.

I have never met another individual who can get the job done as Leonora can—hence my use of the word ‘unique’ so often in this review—and I know without any doubt that there is not a better Mom on all the Earth than Leonora, for her Anthony.

I stumbled across this testimonial quote and thought it quite appropriate as a segue to my first blog of 2011. The fact that an educator in the 1990′s when we first started out sharing our personal viewpoints and understanding or ourselves as autistic people, people first effected those whom we were teaching the autistic paradigm, from the inside out.