Official Selection Nominees for the 2017 INAP AWARDS (International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS) share their enthusiasm and excitement within the discipline of the performing arts in musical composition and recital HL Shiue; Visual Arts & entrepreneurship “Billy” Lour; and Li-An Lu. professor and entrepreneur and 2017 INAP AWARDS International Judge Suky Chen will share her knowledge and the platform at this year’s festival’s interactive workshop sessions, and during the highly colorful, energised and exciting World Autism Trade Show!

It is with great pleasure for the organisers of the AWAF 2017 to introduce to our membership ‘Taiwanese Culture’

Official Selection Nominees for the 2017 INAP AWARDS (International Naturally Autistic People AWARDS) share their enthusiasm and excitement within the discipline of their passion in art, music and entrepreneurship

They are all very excited to come to Canada’s 8th annual ANCA World Autism Festival to showcase & celebrate their talent, abilities and experience on the world stage, sharing their messaging! To see their contributions, hear their dedicated sounds, view the photos and video below, produced by their mentors in Taiwan:

Li-An Lai – Visual artist

H.L. Shiue – Composer/recitalist – created for Danny Lee Painting – on piano

H.L. Shiue – Composer/recitalist – on violin

 Recital composition for general public, Taipei, Taiwan

Visual Artist & Entrepreneur “Billy”
















Danny store photo products 2Danny Lee is the 2016 Honorary AWARD recipient for Visual Arts and for his contribution to society as an Entrepreneur. He is one of only two individuals awarded this honor in the history of the ANCA World Autism Festival and the ANCA, Naturally Autistic organisations.

During his visit to the AWAF 2016 event, as an international delegate representing his Country Taiwan, Danny Lee wasDanny Lee 5 also honored as an international Exhibitor at the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society (TCCS), in Vancouver, B.C. The exhibition of his art was held at the centre during the week of the ANCA World Autism Festival Sept 30 – Oct 05, 2016.

Danny Lee with honorary awardWhen a recipient is acknowledged and recognised for their body of work and contribution to society, it is not just about the individual and celebrating their talent, innovation and abilities. It is about celebrating the people, society and culture which surrounds them and providesDanny Lee Taiwan with Director General speaking for Taiwan the necessary support any human being requires to excel and to expand his or her gifts! And, this is why at the AWAF venues, we celebrate all the cultures involved in the process.

Danny Lee 2The Cultural Heritage for all human beings, enables us to be proud, to be distinct, to be of value to society and from such strong roots of tradition to outreach and to share, connecting and interrelating the most basic of the human spirit and that of the vast physical geography of the world in its reflection. Artists, know only too well how this transference occurs because the medium of art transcends all possibilities as it is mirrored in all cultures.

We are honored to share the Taiwanese Culture through Danny Lee’s personal mirror reflection in his art and entrepreneurial innovation. We look forward to sharing more of his expansive body of art work as it reaches around the world through such practical products and designs transferred to cushions, bags, purses, books, post cards, sticky paper tape, prints and we hope in the near future interior and fashion design.

Danny Lee ar exhibit Vancouver

Newspaper Articles about Danny’s Achievements and Award

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[Photos courtesy of ANCA Archives, Danny Lee’s family and the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society (TCCS) – Videos courtesy of Danny Lee’s fb page & the Lee family video from AWAF 2016 event]

ANCA Submission: Copyright October 2016, All Rights Reserved.

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