Thank-you for your patience! We are in the process of designing our physical store – you can purchase items online via this website page75447-1

More product links coming  to #BUYAUTISTIC-byANCA to be showcased from around the world 

What is unique about The ANCA Store?


We have selected a number of ANCA World Ambassadors who are artists in Vico store photo products 1 Vico store photo products 2 the field of visual, literary and performing artists and who are evolving as entrepreneurs. They represent their country and culture in how they express through the arts. For the first cultural sections of our store, we will represent artisans from Canada, USA, Taiwan, Philippines, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine, Romania and the UK. It is an opportunity for customers to experience a new emergence with the autistic culture in combination as a juxtaposition with the regional culture from which they have been raised. Each product distinctively resonates the traditions and values of each culture.Danny store photo products 2 Danny store photo products 1

The ANCA Hijab Scarves come in four color palettes: Yellow, Black, Leopard and Spectrum of Color – see below ANCA World Autism Festival delegates wearing them in a variety of ways (more photos coming) – send an email to to purchase your exclusive ANCA Hijab Scarf.

Carol anca hijab15053175_10209584986435968_1548979162_o anca HIJAB

Hijabs 1

Hijabs 2 Hijabs 3.j4pg Hijabs 3 Hijabs 5 Jenny hijab

Gold hijab & black T 1unspecifiedunspecifiedModels ANCA T 1 (2)

**NEW – The April Dawn Griffin Collection**

April soaps 1

**NEW – COMING SOON to the ANCA STORE** Nail Art line up design sheet 1

ANCA NAILS –  Âû Style!

More product links coming  to #BUYAUTISTIC-byANCA to be showcased from around the world 

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