The Mom from South Africa…

The seed of lives…

xfs_500x400_s80_D6H_3795xfs_500x400_s80_D6H_3586Through one physical departure, and one simply conveyed message, the planting of a seed sprouted the lives of an entire world!

In the late 1990’s ANCA was approached by a parent with a three year old child, who happened to be autistic. She loved our presentation to the Early Childhood Educators to which she had attended and wanted to register her child with ANCA.

10 years later, I was at the palliative care bedside of this beautiful woman who had for one decade repeated this, her mantra to me “If my family was in another part of Canada, or indeed the world, we would not have known about ANCA and we would have missed this amazing opportunity to connect. Please think about reaching the world.”

At this time, our client - who shall remain nameless in this piece for privacy of her family - was not aware of, and nor were we, of how rapidly social media would begin to 'take off' and thus aide our reach and the discovery of ANCA around the world by others, although ANCA had always been 'connected' via the internet since the mid 1990's

2009 saw the launch of the AWAF in a presentation by the ANCA Group this lady’s son had developed and grown into society with. Shadow Play was a kind of ‘coming out’ performance production for them among many other activities, music, yoga, public speaking, sports, annual camp-outs, annual seasonal activities (gardening, planting, harvesting, juggling,  sports, Christmas Open House, mini annual conferences to which Charlie and I would invite international speakers who happen to be autistic and successful in their careers, and so much more). 2009’s announcement at the theatre moved the annual event for ANCA Clients locally,  to the world internationally – our lovely South African lady of German decent left us, her family and the planet – and in her place she planted a very important seed.

The Inaugural event took place one year later at the very same theatre and Australia was the first country to send their delegates from Crossroad Arts, Queensland, since then Australia has been a strong contingency at the annual ANCA world festival – this week is the week we are celebrating Australian Culture on our website and online in social media, our tribute to the Australian delegates, nominees, recipients and ANCA world ambassadors & cultural connections!

Today, this seed has sprouted literally world wide, our website visits come from 123 countries on a daily basis and our World Festival & Trade Show and International AWARDS is directly connected to families and individuals within the autistic culture from 30 countries to date.

A day does not go by without this woman’s memory and connection… A day does not go by feeling what she felt for others ‘if only they could all connect the way I have as ANCA has offered, if only they could have this experience…

Dear __________ (this lady and her family will remain anonymous, but many of you reading this will know of whom I write), the dream you had and your intention for creating the outcome has occurred, I am sure you are looking down on us from wherever you are “smiling”. And, I believe you would be so happy to know that we have connected with some beautiful families from your home country, South Africa. The families connected to ANCA from around the world and organisations were not even in existence when you planted that seed to which ANCA Clients, Charlie, myself and our son nurtured and grew for you and for the world. We did listen, we did take you seriously and we hope we continue to honor your message and contribution to the global society in which we all live.

THANK-YOU _______________ (her name will remain anonymous for privacy reasons)

©Leonora Gregory-Collura January 19, 2016 – by ANCA Submissions Copyright January 2016. All rights reserved.

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