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ANCA has been known for setting the bar and the trends for the local, national and international autistic community over the past two decades, (21 years).

In recent months and years post the Inaugural Launch of the ANCA World Autism Festival and International AWARDS (7 years ago), we have seen organisations and autism societies in various countries across the globe follow our initiative, hosting award ceremonies of 2015 world ambassadorsPaul Cojocaru 2 2015their own, taking up our mantra of promoting autistic people and their strength, talent, abilities, gifts, innovations and contributions to society – providing much needed recognition to the individuals themselves and their families, friends, business partners who have supported them on their journey!

Most recently we have seen a number of Western Organisations add ‘Expo’ to their annualJL Hetu 8 medallion events since we announced our Inaugural ANCA WORLD AUTISM TRADE SHOW, never done or seen in the world before, putting businesses and the autistic community together in partnership, on one platform, one showcase on the world stage – whilst including cultural representations from all 123 countries attached to our internet website networks!

_D8H5067We are truly proud and honored to share with our local, national and international networks the demonstration of our leadership. Thank-you to all our ANCA World Ambassadors for demonstrating your courage, Beril Turkey recipient 2015 Turkey news paper AWAF event 2015strength and tenacity in spreading the word!

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