The World Visits ANCA Website daily… more news about the upcoming ANCA World Autism Festival & Trade Show coming soon to this page and, below messages from participants around the world who have attended and participated in the festival and our President. 

Tommy and our family were so happy and honoured to attend the 2016 ANCA World Autism Festival in Vancouver. It was a beautiful experience taking part in such an incredible gathering of so many creative, hardworking, unique and talented autistic people and their families, all supporting one another. Tommy was so very proud to receive a Sports Excellence Award, and we truly enjoyed meeting the other delegates and their families. Thank you so very much to Jean, Leonora, Charlie, and everyone at ANCA who worked so hard to make this event such a huge success! It was wonderful to take part in such an amazing celebration of the abilities, accomplishments and talents of Autistic people from all over the world, coming together to celebrate as one big family! —MaryAnn, Peter, and Tommy Des Brisay, Canada

The benefits and value, a hallmark of our annual festival include: a professional PR/media and production team, hair and make up for performers and presenters, educational interactive workshops headed by an international Committee & Chair, a world class destination, networking for an all inclusive community, autism friendly event and hotel, tourism, performance art, exhibits, media, culture, INAP AWARDS 2017, and our inaugural Regional Events around the world, including ANCA World Ambassadors screening the film “Connected”.

Thanks ANCA for providing the wonderful opportunity for us. It was our honor to be one of this year’s festival delegates. In the beginning, Danny felt very nervous and uncomfortable, because he couldn’t adjust to the jet lag, the weather, and the food in Vancouver. Luckily, ANCA’s staff and delegates were very nice, friendly and patient, so he almost got over in the final days. We want to thank Ms. Leonora Gregory-Collura and ANCA, who gave Danny an Honorary Award representing our country (Taiwan) as a World Ambassador. Besides, they helped Danny to hold a solo art exhibit at the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society in Vancouver. ANCA helps Danny to fulfill his dream. I believe ANCA could help more people to fulfill their dreams, especially the Autistic people and their families! —Andy Chan, Taiwan (Danny Lee’s Brother)

A Message from the President ~ April 2017:

I was recently watching the livestreaming of the 2016 INAP AWARDS Gala and cannot believe we are embarking so soon on the 2017 8th annual event with regionals underway across the globe and so many increased delegates attending this coming year representing so many additional countries from ASIA, the Americas – Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East – it is truly remarkable. And, to watch the awards gala, the beautiful opening, the Canadian anthem sung by representatives from the east Vell Baria and from the west Josh Cochrane – the emcee from Hollywood Beau Brians actor and film director, and award presenters Tammy Klein actress/CSI and Glenn Campbell Emmy award nominee and winner – and everyone from all 13 countries last year who traveled from afar to make this festival the greatest friendship exchange ever! So heart warming…

I hope you will share thislivestreamingevent with all the fantastic ‘meaningful’ speeches from the heart of each person and performances of talent and cultural connections. This year our Theme “Cultural Convergence” is already shaping up to be

an exceptional event… cannot wait to meet everyone from all the new countries joining us on the world stage: #Japan #Indonesia #Brazil #Argentina #Iran to name but a few of the many additional countries surpassing our vision and expectations for the 8th annual event. This year we have 34 countries represented! I invite you all to visit our website pages to learn more… 🙂

To those that have not yet attended an ANCA World Autism Festival event, please make it a future life goal. This innovative event is a life changing experience that will shift your perceptions completely. With the exciting addition of three regional kick-off events in April,May & June 2017 – many more people will be afforded that chance in our very bright future.

A huge thank you to the very devoted Collura family and their entire ANCA Team for the many years of hard work building this amazing global platform which showcases Autistic people and more importantly Autism reality! —Kelly Green, USA

After my daughter diagnosed with autism, I was lost for a while. Those was my hard times. However, I did work very hard and my daughter started to change. I had some hope after seeing the changes, but after attending the World Autism Festival, I had so much confidence and much more hope on my daughter’s future. I meet so many successful Autistic people like Leonora, Charlie, Tammy Klein, Kirsten, Olivia, Joshua and there was much more; I couldn’t remember their names.

Also, those workshops are so much good, they give me a lots of ideas on my daughter’s therapy. I am really happy to attend this festival. I appreciate the World Autism Festival. — Omerjan Bore, Tajikistan

Thank-you to our ANCA World Ambassadors, our Regional Organisers and our teams of volunteers and committee members – our Official Hotel, Best Western PLUS Chateau Granville, our Official staging by Clark’s sound – audio/visual technicians, Tom Lee Music, Blanche Macdonald make up artistry and Cinthia Torres make up artistry, Suki’s, Sarmad Najem and Sergey Sergiyenko – photography, Janet Rollings Walmsley (voice over), Melodious Mandolins, Adelina Suvagau of Rompost TV, Shaw Cable TV and Roundhouse Radio and the amazing Blue Hall of Fame inductee Jimmy D. Lane, Alisia Lyne, Tony O’Hara, Carol Holst, local volunteers from Asperger’s meet Up group, Cultural Organisations from Taiwan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and all our wonderful business sponsor partners…. we could not have made the event the best yet, without you all! Please visit our magazine pages for 2016 to read about our Judges, our sponsors, our workshop presenters, nominees and so much more!

Leonora Gregory-Collura – President AWAF

The 2016 ANCA World Autism Festival was one of the best experiences of my life, and the community is so warm and welcoming. Everyone here is on the same page and wavelength, and are so open and accepting of each other. It’s like home away from home, and each and every individual I met has amazing talent in their own unique ways! These series of events changed my life, and I have gained so much growth and insight from these amazing people.

It’s great to see all different cultures and countries from around the world, and how they perceive Autism and showcase the incredible talents of these individuals. Autism is a gift—it is what is means to be genuine, demonstrates openness, and it is love. 
There is so much love in this community and that’s one of the things I enjoy most about this new home I found. I can’t thank you all enough. I was recognized to be an ANCA World Ambassador and my duty is to promote, connect, network, and represent what ANCA is. And ANCA is an organization that truly celebrates uniqueness and amazing talents in individuals on the spectrum.

ANCA displays an accurate portrayal on the truth about autism: we are all connected, and this connection can bridge the gap between misunderstandings and stereotypes and the truth of what autism really is. Autism is a gift. And for those who haven’t seen their film, “Connected,” I highly recommend each and every one of you to watch it!! It will be released on DVD within the next month. I would like to thank each and every one of you who made this amazing experience and opportunity possible. —Liz Pritchard, Rochester, New York, USA

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