Think Autistic™! 

When we started out over twenty years ago, the thought that humans who are autistic were anything but natural… was the main statement of the times. The fact that we stayed focused and true to ourselves regardless of this outdated positioning by professionals was unheard of in the early 1990’s.

Well into our twenty first year now, many professionals and particularly journalists have approached us asking ‘how did you come up with Naturally Autistic® ANCA® at that time when the climate was not in your favour?’ Well, all humans are natural, my husband and son and I had been raised naturally, and so – it was obvious to us, regardless of the climate of the times, we felt we had to make a stand for our community and those who love and support us!

What has spurned me on today to write this short blog post is that I came upon a group called ‘Autistici Naturali’ how joyful to see parents and individuals gravitating to the ‘natural’ in the autistic human race, how refreshing!

Since creating the community page online on fb ‘Think Autistic™!’ which is our NEW Official SLOGO – we have seen many new doors open for the autistic community and those who support us and our global emergence, after all – it will only be 5 to 10 years when the world will see fifty percent of the world population as… yes, you guessed it ‘Autistic!’ So, start thinking in the paradigm of the ‘Think Autistic™!’ because it is only a matter of time before you will need to learn our language.


“….a big step forward in understanding an autistic’s perception.
North Shore District, Resource Centre

“The perspective of autism from the autistic point of view. Only autistic people have lived their own experiences.”
Professional – NDTA – Pro-D

Leo Opening night INAPA 2013Leonora Gregory-Collura, ©February 25, 2015-all rights reserved ~ Co-founder of the ANCA® Trademarked organizations and president of the International Naturally Autistic® People Awards and the, ANCA® World Autism Festival™, publisher for Naturally Autistic® magazine

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