Using the “Think Autistic” framework or paradigm, products, games, innovation is created to not only support the natural process and life experience of the autistic community but is extended outward toward enabling and helping a cross section of humanity!

Here are several organisations who simply GET Think Autistic – their products demonstrate and the support “THINK AUTISTIC” theme and human dynamics within the autistic paradigm!
The Eating Game Easy Daysies Time 2 Train Sirota’s Alchymy Martial Arts & Life Skills Centres Terapia 3C la Scoala speciala Pascani Otisium Otizm Spor Alanya-istanbul Child with a future Chewigem Chewigem Canada Chewigem USA Chewigem Nederland Snug Vest by Squeezease Therapy Inc. Brain Power – there is going to be an unbelievable NEW way of showcasing such fantastic @ThinkAutistic products at the 6th annual Opening Ceremony and AWARDS Ceremony oct 1-6 Vancouver BC Canada this year and showcased in our upcoming magazine issues ANCA Naturally Autistic Magazine Âû

Here is a video wonderful and short – explaining the SnugVest in 60 seconds! 

Following the Snug Vest is Easy Daysies who were 2012 INAP AWARD Sponsors

Check out this page each week and month for further links and video footage to “Think Autistic” products, innovation and services.

Below is a keynote by Ned T. Sahin of

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