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“In order to understand how others function, it is best to understand how you function first.”

Think Autistic™!Tammy KleinRod Morris

I wasn’t going to introduce this NEW slogo of ours until I got down to writing my follow up book on Anthony’s Story, the community emergence and CONNECTED the movie about autistic people around the globe. However, on pondering my thoughts about our incredible interactive autistic community both online and physically through the ANCA ® World Autism Festival™ and International Naturally Autistic® People Awards™ (Now to be known as ANCA® AWARDS™), I could not help but to think about our 9 week training – ‘The Autistic Paradigm, from the inside out™’ – taught to educators, professionals, parents and autistic people for over twenty years. A training program which allows the human condition to think about how we think as unique groups of people within society as a whole.


anthony by Coral Jan 2015Think Autistic™! has enabled so many people we have encountered at ANCA® Consulting Inc. (Naturally Autistic ® ANCA ® organizations and projects) to be empowered and through the process enabling themselves to understand how it is that one may communicate with oneself and the environment interactively. What are the differences from human sub group to human sub group and what is common between all of us?


The beauty about Think Autistic™! is the natural, inherent abilities made up of our heightened sensory systems, our conscious associations, our internal filing systems and Paul R Dierkshow we naturally weave and bridge each experience from one to the next exponentially through our internal camcorders and computer system. When supported in what is natural to us and when validated, we emerge in a plethora of ways not typical to those in the typical or majority arena of human socialization. As those of us on the autistic spectrum continue to connect with ourselves and others, it appears that many non-autistics could benefit from Think Autistic™!

Maria Iliou 2013 award recipientDuring our 20 years of training in the ‘The Autistic Paradigm, from the inside out™ – participants were put through a regime of experiential exercises to first find out how they worked and function. View an interview with one of our parents Mya Fortin describing how she first had to learn how she functioned in order to learn and understand how her son learned and functioned (NaturallyAutisticANCA youtube ‘Plugged In’.)

As autistic people continue to expose ourselves through online social media and other interconnected ventures such as the ANCA ® World Autism Festival™ the Think Autistic™! will soon become commonplace.

“For the first time, we have the opportunity to get answers from the source. Those questions you’ve longed to ask. ANCA will teach you to find the answers.”
Virginia Renaud, parent facilitator – Autism Society of British Columbia

“What I liked about this workshop – hearing from autistic people about autism, good video clips and organization.”
Teachers and support staff, Langley School District

“We have come a long way in our search for answers, and with a shift in perspective, have been able to tap into a culture of diverse individuals from which we have a lot to learn.”
Sooze Calam, parent

“Learning about autism from autistic people, I can’t think of a better way to learn.”
Teachers and support staff, Langley School District

Leonora Gregory-Collura, ©February 24, 2015-all rights reserved ~ Co-founder of the ANCA® Trademarked organizations and president of the International Naturally Autistic® People Awards and the, ANCA® World Autism Festival™, publisher for Naturally Autistic® magazine

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  1. From a FB post comment for this blog from: Rachelle N Chad Collins I love this idea! Would be awesome to learn from a different perspective

  2. Sanni – a FB member said she loves what ANCA does and especially the new slogo Think Autistic! here is a piece of her art she shared online today with me.

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