Photos – 2017 ANCA World Autism Festival

2017 ANCA World Autism Festival

2017 INAP AWARDS Ceremony


AWARDS Presented to the Organizers of Region 2 and 3:
Erdal Ates – Alanya, Turkey; Suky Chen – Taipei, Taiwan, Cham Family – Manila, Philippines


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The Mom from South Africa…

The seed of lives…

xfs_500x400_s80_D6H_3795xfs_500x400_s80_D6H_3586Through one physical departure, and one simply conveyed message, the planting of a seed sprouted the lives of an entire world!

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Celebrating Australian Culture

JL & father 1Celebrating the Australian Culture – A Tribute to Jean Louis Hetu as ANCA World Ambassador, his family Jean  Marie Hetu and mother Ann Betros and their outstanding networking team. (Father and son seen here, proud to be Australians representing their country on the Continue reading “Celebrating Australian Culture”


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