The ANCA World Autism Festival is a convergence of international talent and communities from 26 countries in 2016 which are represented through a nomination process for the auspicious International Naturally Autistic Peoples AWARDS (INAP AWARDS). Click livestream 2016 event below and watch Opening Ceremony and Awards Ceremony and feel the energy- see the talent and experience the joy! In 2017 we have 34 countries represented on the world stage.

In 2017, the AWAF ANCA World Ambassadors hosted kick-off events for each region, starting with Region #1 in Covina, California USA on April 01; Region #3 in Alanya, Turkey on April 21 – 23; Region #2 in Taipei, Taiwan June 02 and Manila, Philippines June 03! In 2018 we anticipate 10-20 countries will host national events moving toward the 10th AWAF anniversary in 2019!

The ANCA World Autism Festivals are fast becoming a destination event for all who wish to participate and to continue developing friendships and partnerships across the globe!

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media wall Kazakhstan dressIndividuals and organisations are presented and showcased from the following countries for 2016: _D8H5211

Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Taiwan (Republic of China), England, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania,  Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, and Wales

Kelly Green What an excellent circle of global connection. It's quite the amazing platform that ANCA has created and expanded to benefit the world. The world benefits from Autistic energy and always has. I love how ANCA has never been shy about that!!
Awesome new graphic to explain the exciting platform this event truly IS.

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During the Opening Ceremony and at the AWARDS Ceremony, the six day event kicks off with representatives showcasing their unique talent, abilities and gifts – an offering of quality performance, visual and literary arts in many mediums, sports, technology, entrepreneurial_D8H6357 spirit, leadership, community achievement and mentorship within a mix of cultural connections from local cultural organisations who too will share their beauty of tradition within their unique cultures.

D6H_3928On September 29, delegates are invited to tour City Hall and the Chambers in Vancouver with a special pre Gala Dinner reception with the Mayor/Acting Mayor of Vancouver and special presentation and gifts on October 2.

Best Western Plus Chateauc Granville Private Reception 19 WEA_2574The event offers special reception opportunities for delegates, members of the general public and dignitaries from governments and the diplomatic corps, businesses and friends of the ANCA FamilyBest Western Plus Chateauc Granville Private Reception 14 WEA_2567 to connect and exchange with one another in a beautiful setting at the Best Western Plus Chateau Granville Hotel, complete with media coverage on a Red Carpet and beautiful hors d’oeuvres from The Best Western Plus Chateauc Granville Private Reception 15 WEA_2568Edge restaurant! And, the AWARDS Gala Dinner Benefit is another very special festive occasion to the live music of Alisa Lyne Tony Ivan O’Hara and the heralded Blues Hall of Fame inductee Jimmy D Lane along with the Jimmy D Lane Band!ANCA-139 ANCA-141ANCA-152

And, on October 2 – the inaugural World Trade Show brings to the festival an inter-exchange of cultures in performing arts through live entertainment, art exhibitions, products and services, wine tasting, juggling, a photo selfie booth along with props, a fashion show of attire and hair and make up, an amalgamation of autistic and mainstream culture, rich with ethnicity. FUN for the entire family!_D8H5183_D757022 - Copy - Copyuntitled-114












_D758255The international workshops and film festival evenings, follow an incredible weekend of new and fulfilling friendships finding their place,”A Space where we realise we are not alone” in the words of Nina Roy, a mother from India who attended the 2014 AWAF event in Edinburgh. These workshops and the inaugural World Trade Show, span the world with the best each country has to offer from the Ukraine, Turkey, Romania, Greece, Japan, Kazakhstan, Italy, Russia, England, Wales, USA, Canada, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan and so much more…


The final day of the event hosts the third international Summit where the program for the upcoming Regional events is presented and the beginning of a new festival eral is expanded upon for the growing ANCA Family ANCA-80worldwide! Followed by “Closing Luncheon” and appreciation to the host of volunteers, the ANCA Team of Ambassadors and Executives complete the event with receptions hosted for each delegation with their respective Country Consuls to complete this amazing international engagement where friendships are built and partnerships expand across the globe, co-creating improved lives for all autistic people interconnectedly with their mainstream partners!

A fulfilling life experience, inspiring all to shine and light the path for future delegates as they return to their respective countries and cultures…

Below are the maps covering the ANCA World Autism festival’s three regions starting Spring 2017 with the CALL for NOMINATIONS for the Regional INAP AWARDS and Regional Festivals. More information will be shared at this year’s 2017 International Event AWAF 2017

REGION #1 – The Americas


Region #2 – Asia/ Asia Pacific

Asia pacific

Region #3 – Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa

Europe middle east africa

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