Joshua Cochrane 2014 International AWARD recipient for Performing Arts (youth), representing Canada.


Joshua Cochrane – 2014 INAP recipient for the Performing Arts Joshua’s GOFUNDME Page, raising funds for his trip to the 6th annual World Autism Festival Vancouver, BC Canada – he will representing Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at this event and Opening the event at the Opening Ceremony with ‘Oh Canada’ with AWARD Winning Simon Gidora (for his music and performing arts) from the Sunshine Coast

75293 Joshua has been chosen to be an ANCA WORLD AUTISM FESTIVAL Ambassador for Nova Scotia Canada 2015. He will also be singing our National Anthem at the opening ceremonies in Vancouver, BC at the ANCA WORLD AUTISM FESTIVAL.

Watch for more SURPRISES to come regarding the World Autism Festival 2015, October 1-6!!!! Joshua Cochrane always contributes to community: Watch this amazing youngster at the IWK Telethon and monies he raised for sick children –

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Posted by Ann Harrington on Friday, May 22, 2015

Posted by Ann Harrington on Friday, May 22, 2015



Read further below information on all the great contribution Joshua makes in his community: Here are some news story links … just click on them or copy and paste them in the browser…

– This is a link to the video story that the IWK did on Joshua for the IWK Telethon.  Since this video was made Joshua has also been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1.  This is a condition where tumors develop on the end of nerve fibers.   This can be treated with pain management as well as Chemotherapy.  We have chosen to not do Chemo just yet and let the Dr.’s wait and see.  They will decide when this is absolutely necessary.  This was Josh’s choice as well.     Scroll down the page to see Josh’s story  – watch news report of Josh again on IWK telethon  story of Josh raising more money to the IWK also pictures with one of the Oncologists from the Oncology floor Josh was on

Joshua Cochrane has taken the big stage at the Great Big Dig for the IWK

Joshua’s RESUME:

Joshua Cochrane


2008-Present Kidz Act Dance Group- Tap, Break Dance, Hip Hop

2008 2nd place in the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Talent Search

2009 2nd place in the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Talent Search

2009 1st place in the Western Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Rising Star Category of the CJLS Tri-County Talent Search

2010 1st place in the Western Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Rising Star Category of the CJLS Tri-County Talent Search

2011 Cast in Th’ Yarc Swan Princess

2012 Cast Th’ Yarc Strolling Carollers raising $1400 for Tabitha Center

2012 1st place Western Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Rising Star Category of the CJLS Tri-County Talent Search

2013 Cast in Th’Yarc Broadway Night

2013 Cast in Th’Yarc Act Awards

2013 Cast in Th’Yarc Camelot

2013 Cast in Th’Yarc Strolling Carollers raising $1600 for charity

2013 CTV News Interview

2013 Fundraiser for Minor Hockey

2013 Sang for local seniors groups


2013 Sang for the Tri-County Regional School to represent the local music program

2013 Special Guest with the children’s band Up & Coming

2013 Cast as a knight in the musical Camelot

2014 Asked by the Canadian Mental Health Association AGM to do a proposed Music CD (not yet confirmed) sponsored by Canadian Mental health Association to fund raise for Mental Health Awareness

2014 Joined the Up & Coming Band

2014 Joined-Street Kidz competition group with the Kidz Act Dance School

2014 May 31-June 1st – IWK Telethon- Feature Child- To help raise funds for the IWK Children’s Hospital

2014 Worked at our local Subway Restaurant earning money to donate to the IWK Children’s Hospital raising in total $3100

2014 Performed at various locations to raise money to go to the World Autism Festival in Edinburgh Scotland

2014 Cast in a telethon video for the IWK Telethon about his medical journey

2014 Chosen to be an Ambassador for the IWK Children’s Hospital to help raise funds for the hospital

2014 Chosen to be a poster child for the IWK. Agreeing to have his photo as a model on Pamphlets, posters, and commercials

2014 Performed at many local senior citizen homes bringing smiles to everyone

2014 Chosen to be an IWK Children’s Hospital Miracle Treat Day child with DQ Restaurant raising thousands of dollars through sales of Blizzards

2014 June- Up & Coming Concert

2014 July- 12 shows- Tusket: Evangeline: The Musical- Lead Roll- Child Gabriel- Salle Père Maurice Leblanc Theater- Par-En-Bas Tusket, Nova Scotia


2014 Th’ Yarc Act Awards

2014 Performed at a fundraiser for the Wedgeport Legion in support of our veterans

2014 Performed at a fundraiser for the Fire Department

2014 Radio interview regarding his fund raising activities for the IWK Children’s Hospital as well as his World Autism Festival Edinburgh Scotland trip

2014 World Autism Festival and Awards- Sang our Canadian National Anthem at the opening ceremonies in Edinburgh, Scotland

2014 Nominee for Performing Arts Youth at the World Autism Festival and Awards coming in 1st place out of 20 Countries

2014 Cast member of a Documentary about The World Autism Festival and Awards

2014 Participated as lead singer with the Band EPIC at a fundraiser for the IWK Children’s Hospital called The Great Big Dig helping to raise over $265,000 to purchase a Cardiopulmonary Bypass machine for children ages 0-18 years

2014 Cast in the musical Annie

2014 Lead singer in the Up & Coming Concert

2015 Kidz Act Dance competition in Halifax- Silver award and High Silver Award

2015 Kidz Act Dance Competition in Moncton, New Brunswick Thunder Struck Canada High Gold Award

2015 Work at Subway Yarmouth to raise money for the IWK Children’s Hospital

2015 2nd place in the Heritage Fair and moving on to the Regionals in May

2015 IWK Children’s Hospital Telethon- Band played on the Telethon to help raise money for the children’s hospital

2015 Cast of the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Children’s Choir which will be air over 49 different channels in the United States of America in the near future

2015 Cast member of the filming of the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Documentary of the making of the Tattoo and the show coming together

2015 Performer in “A Starry Night” for Seafest Celebrations in Yarmouth- Singer


2015 Performing at the Sports Hall of Fame in Yarmouth, NS, August 20, 2015- Singing

2015 October- World Autism Festival and Awards- Vancouver, BC- Nomination for Youth Entrepreneur and asked to open the ceremonies with the singing of the Canadian National Anthem.

2015 November- Cast- Lead- Child Gabriel in the play Evangeline: The Musical.  It is the story of Evangeline and Gabriel from childhood through adults during the expulsion of the Acadians

2015 November- Auditions for Cast in the Wizard of Oz at Th’Yarc Playhouse in Yarmouth

References are available upon request.

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  1. Please help and support this young lad to raise his travel funds.. he has raised tens of thousands fro Charities and other such organisations – it’s time people helped raise the funds for him – to read and view video and television footage about this extraordinary young man and his family please click this link – then visit the link on the page and donate 5, 10, 20 dollars, if everyone on our fb lists of thousands of people, donated $1 today, he would have his travel and accommodation paid for and more….

  2. NEWS JUST IN, from Print Media! – Yarmouth’s Josh to repeat ambassador role at World Autism Festival
    CarlaCarla AllenPublished on May 01, 2015
    Joshua Cochrane from Yarmouth won first place in the youth performing arts category at the World Autism Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland last year. He will return as an ambassador for this year’s event, Oct. 1-6, in Vancouver.
    It’s shaping up to be another busy year for nine-year-old Joshua Cochrane. He’s been invited back as an ANCA world autistic ambassador for Canada and is planning on attending the World Autism Festival in Vancouver, B.C., Oct. 1-6. He will be singing the national anthem.

    Last October, Josh was awarded first place in the youth performing arts category at the World Autism Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    While there, he was filmed for several scenes in Connected, a documentary about the global autistic community. He received an invitation to the preview screening in April at the Vancouver International Film Centre but couldn’t make the event as he was at the IWK Hospital with several muscle tumors in his bicep muscles and nerve damage in his leg and foot. The conditions will need ongoing care and assessment. His sister Kate also has autism and requires regular visits to the IWK for cardiac and neurology care. Another sister, Shaya, is examined every three months for eosinophilic esophagitis.

    Through the years Josh has battled multiple medical issues. Before reaching the age of two, he was diagnosed with autism and hypotonia (low muscle tone). He also has complicated Kawasaki disease and juvenile arthritis.

    Physio work and dance instruction helped to build muscle strength in earlier years and his singing ability developed into an award-winning talent.

    Last year Josh raised $3,100 for the IWK through its annual telethon. He’ll be fundraising for the May 30/31 event in honour of two young girls: Sarah, who became his friend while in cardiac care (she has since passed away), and a brave seven-year-old who has a high-risk form of leukemia.

    This spring he auditioned for the 2015 Nova Scotia International Tattoo and is now part of the cast.

    Ann Harrington, Josh’s mother, says he is making his parents proud for just being himself and doing what he loves.

    “You’re an amazing young man who has the ability to conquer anything you want in life,” she said.

    Click here for Josh’s donation page for the IWK Foundation Telethon.

    You can follow Josh’s adventures on his Facebook Page WINGS 4 JOSH.

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